It all  started in the mid 90's for TheDiaperedDJ at the tender age of 4, in  a  daycare located in the quaint little town of cocoa beach, Florida.  TheDiaperedDJ developed a unique attachment to the comfort of diapers at this period of time.  Nobody could explain why he had this attachment...psychologists, councilors, etc. His family did not want to understand, or even support him. Eventually he grew older and stayed with his attachment to the diapers.  TheDiaperedDJ was  medicated heavily by the  age of 6 by school councilors, and professionals.  He was also psychologically abused growing up, while dealing with his ordeal. TheDiaperedDJ is the one percent... the misunderstood... the stereotyped individual. They say it's a fetish, they say it's sexual.... "they" do not know HIS story. You may be  aware of many other people now grown, who wear diapers for enjoyment, fetish, kink, and other reasons especially medical. While this is typical, TheDiaperedDJ  does NOT affiliate himself with any sexual kink of this nature. It all simply started when he was a child. He has been to countless psychologists , therapists, and even mental health facilities....nobody seems to care, or even wish to further research this into a serious matter. Most individuals have not made it this far....most have taken their own lives, and you have not heard it in any media outlets due to the fact that it has been portrayed as something bizarre on some cliche TV talk show, and nothing of a serious nature.


Who  is  TheDiaperedDJ today?

Through  his lifelong passion of music production, and DJing ever since his early teen years , TheDiaperedDJ has  combined his   attachment , with the power of his music.  He is going boldy where no-one has gone before.  TheDiaperedDJ only wants to show the world  it is okay to be yourself, and  to give a new hope to those who are struggling with their differences .  After all, we are all human, and we all need to be loved, right? Lets take it to the  beyond, and destroy  the boundaries that separate  us, ONCE. AND. FOR .ALL!


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